Fiber Tape Measurement

- Aug 10, 2018-

In the Annals of World Science and technology inventions, China invented the world's first tape measure. In the year of 1578, Anhui Province, ancient Huizhou, the Cheng da invented the modern tape of the prototype "measuring step car", he was known as "the father of the tape." "Measuring Step Car" although the shape of the modern tape is large, its principle, structure, use and modern tape measure consistent, is indeed the embryonic form of modern tape measure.

And he in the "straight to the algorithm" in the complete production process diagram and description, convenient for future generations of imitation. A fiber tape measure is a tool for measuring length. Generally used in civil engineering, municipal transportation, civil and other dimensions of the measurement of length. The main structure of the fiber tape measure is composed of a hook or a pull ring ruler, a fiber ruler, a handle, a ruler box or a metal (plastic) frame. Its material is usually PVC plastic. The fiber tape measure commonly known as tape, cloth ruler, or tailor ruler, measure the ruler and so on.

In our country's southern and Hong Kong areas are often called tape or pull-feet. According to the JJGS-2001 "fiber tape measure, measuring rope" verification regulations, the measurement of the value of the fiber tape measure is to be checked cloth tape and work grade steel tape to be tiled on the verification stage, and the corresponding tensile force, the inspection ruler and the work level standard steel tape to compare measurements. The difference between the two is the indication error of the test ruler. Aiming and reading are measured directly with the eyesight.