How to improve the accuracy of measurement space height by measuring the depth of oil gauge

- Aug 10, 2018-

    Measuring the depth of the oil ruler is mainly used to measure the height of space, in the space measurement, if there is no certain skills, accuracy is not very good grasp.

  In order to improve the accuracy of measuring the space height of the depth measurement oil gauge, we need to follow the following methods to operate.

  1. When measuring, should be at the designated metering port reference point landing ruler Thallium, the next ruler method with the actual oil height measurement;

  2. The measure of the depth of the oil ruler thallium at this point, when the foot of thallium in the liquid, so that the foot of thallium in this position to stop the disturbance, until the smooth surface of the liquid to continue to land slowly, until the scale of an integral meter or decimeter scale accurately with the reference point on a horizontal line; 

       3. The measurement of the depth of oil ruler, recording the oil soaked by the length of the oil and the reference point in a horizontal line of the scale value of the scale.

  The difference between these two two values is the null-high value. 

       4. The same method is measured until the readings of the two consecutive measurements are not greater than 2mm.

  If the difference between the second measure and the first measure is not greater than 1mm, the first measure is taken as the oil height; if the second measurement differs from the first measured value by more than 1mm, the average value of the two measured values is taken as the oil height;

  5. The null high value converts to the equivalent oil high value, namely from the bottom of the container to the reference point of the height minus the amount of oil ruler at the reference point of the reading plus the oil level of the dip;

  6. The volume table of the car tanker is based on the requirement that the volume is calculated by the space distance, and the empty high value can be measured directly in the use of T-square, and the actual volume is directly detected in the corresponding volume table. 

       7. Car tank before measuring, first in the appropriate parts of the T-Square to apply the ointment, the T-square into the metering mouth, gently put the two ends of the ruler on the designated measuring site, horizontal ruler and cap mouth contact, and immediately the reading of the ruler. The small valve switch on the ruler should be properly mastered using the special T-square of the tanker. Car tanker height should be measured two times, two times reading no more than 2mm. Take the large number, more than should be repeated test.