It is better to know the structure of a good oil gauge to use

- Aug 10, 2018-

       Recent small series found that many novice will have trouble with the operation of the oil ruler, small series asked them about the structure of the oil ruler, found that people who can say is very few.

Therefore, if you want to use a good amount of oil ruler, the prerequisite must be to understand the structure of a good amount of oil.

  The construction of the gauge oil ruler When it comes to the construction of the scale, it is very simple: the oil ruler is made up of the handle, the ruler, the handle, the measure ruler, the ruler, the lock, the oil scraper, the bracket, the connector, and the scale direction of the dipstick is toward the handle. The locking switch, pin and spring can be used to locate the Dingshilun, the wiper is suspended on the ruler frame, and the dipstick is passed through the felt of the oil scraper, and the oil that is attached to the measurement will be scraped clean.

  The swing handle adopts one-way ratchet clutch structure, which can make the weight of oil ruler to fall automatically, the bracket is folding metal bracket, the lower end has groove, it is easy to support the oil ruler and to lead to static electricity. The gauge is connected to the ruler with a hook. The body of the mound is cylindrical or prismatic, the lower end is a round table shape, and its bottom is 0 points of the oil gauge. Therefore, the ruler and the rotation of the closed rotation hook must be fixed, can not be replaced or loose. 

       The frame is fitted with a drum wheel and an axle, and one end of the shaft is connected with a handle. The role of the handle is to be the ruler with roll drum, the handle engraved with the nominal length of the oil gauge. To clean the test oil ruler, apply the water and ointment evenly on the ruler belt. The location of the smear can be estimated by the water and oil surface. After smearing good test water, ointment, according to the measurement requirements will be measured oil ruler room into the oil to be measured, after the stability of the oil ruler, the measurement of oil ruler, you can observe the position of water or oil surface, Oil in contact with the test water or ointment is red. When the oil gauge is put forward, it cannot be tilted before the water or oil level is observed, so as to avoid the oil flowing on the oil gauge and the accuracy of measurement.