Method of improving the precision of manual measurement by measuring oil ruler

- Aug 10, 2018-

    The use of oil scale measurement is the most fastidious is accurate, in the face of different objective things, if all use the same method to carry out manual measurement, then, the accuracy is greatly discounted.

  Today, we discuss with you the use of oil ruler to improve the accuracy of manual measurement methods.

  First, oil height measurement

  1, check the measuring instruments to ensure that the measurement equipment in good condition, the amount of oil ruler without creases, ruler with a clear scale, and in the validity period of verification.

  2, should stand in the oil tank on the tuyere, with a pure cotton cloth wipe the scale of the corresponding measurement scale range.

  3, the amount of oil ruler should be along the guide trough slowly put the ruler, meet the oil surface should be stopped, so as not to destroy the static liquid surface.

  4, the ruler thallium in near the bottom of the tank (200 mm) should slow down the speed of the foot, to avoid the impact tank bottom.

  5, the amount of oil feet to contact the bottom of the pot, should be quickly lifted the ruler vertical, to avoid fluctuations in the liquid surface swing

  6, reading the first decimal reading after reading a large number, reading accuracy to millimeters, the ruler can not be flat or inverted.

  7, measured two times, the measurement results are not greater than 1 mm, take the first measurement, more than 1 mm to be measured again.

  Second, water high measurement

  1, check measuring instruments to ensure that the measurement equipment intact, and within the validity period.

  2, on the inspection gauge evenly smear a layer of test water paste.

  3, metering staff standing on the air, along the guide-length groove will be seized gauge slowly into the tank.

  4, check gauge contact bottom, should be static for 3-5 seconds.

  5, lift check gauge, ruler belt should not be flat or side put. 6, reading the first decimal, after reading a large number.