Stainless steel gauge is widely used

- Aug 10, 2018-

       If we can see the application of the stainless steel gauge on our side, we can discuss any issues with us.

  Hope that more friends, in our analysis of the paper on more content together, welcome more friends and we have a common interest in the application of the oil scale. Stainless steel gauge is suitable for storage tanks and other containers of oil, oil depth measurement of water level at the bottom of the container depth measurement tanker. Measuring oil, oil wells, tankers and other deep, black nickel plated and stainless steel feet, specifications are 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, six specifications. The dipstick usually combines the ointment and tries to use water.

  Easy to try on the ointment using just a small number of ointment feet or try the water. The stainless steel gauge is used to measure the height of various tanks and tankers, the liquid height of oil tankers and liquid petroleum products, and the water cushion level of reservoirs. The oil gauge is made of stainless steel, the rotary hook, the size, the foot and the drum are made up of several parts. Especially according to its quality detection of stainless steel foot tuo can be divided into two kinds of strips.

  The lightweight lump is used to measure the low viscosity of the varnish, and the heavy-foot thallium is used to measure heavy oil, crude oil, etc. The stainless steel gauge is the most commonly used measuring tool in the oil field production process, with an oil gauge operator daily in different tanks, oils, sampling, drilling and thick. In the gauge oil ruler, the foot of the ruler, the process can be easily at the foot, sliding scale, damage to the operator, there is a certain safety accident. By the development of the self-locking oil ruler, its self-locking function is to solve this problem, eliminate the risk in operation and realize the safe production.