The application scope of the oil gauge is detailed.

- Aug 10, 2018-

  We should know that we've talked a lot more about the scale of the oil. Today is mainly to and everyone in the weight of the oil ruler has more analysis, welcome more friends to be with us in the amount of oil ruler on the discovery and exploration, we will also help you more to solve the weight of the oil ruler more problems. 

  You should know that the gauge is suitable for measuring the depth of oil in containers such as tankers, oil tanks, or for measuring the water level at the bottom of the container. The oil gauge has the advantages of convenient operation and small error.

  When measuring the bottom water level of the container with the amount of oil ruler can be in the amount of oil ruler thallium coated with a thin layer of test water paste, equivalent oil ruler thallium contact the bottom of the tank, stay for 10-15 seconds, and then slowly put the oil ruler to read, you can record the height of the bottom water level. The amount of oil in the tank to detect the height of oil in the container, the amount of oil can be coated on a thin layer of ointment, contact with the oil surface (the amount of ointment to stay for 20-30 seconds) reading can calculate the height of the oil.