The correction method and technical request explanation of the gauge oil ruler

- Aug 10, 2018-

The dipstick is a professional measuring instrument, usually by the black nickel and stainless steel feet used to measure the depth of oil reserves, oil and water wells, oil tankers, etc., due to its high professional quality requirements, so many small partners do not understand it, here, with you to share some of the weight of the calibration methods and technical requirements. 

We know that the Volume tables measurement department issued a vertical metal tank reference height H standard temperature is 20 degrees at the same time, stainless steel gauge calibration mark standard for 20 degrees or so at the temperature. At ambient temperature of 20 degrees is not only 

TQ stone, using a ruler to measure the height of the measuring guide tube, the value read from the ruler is actually still oriented to the height of the tube 20 degrees, although the actual height of the measurement of the tube due to the influence of the temperature change of the steel produced the expansion contraction is no longer h, But because the ruler and the guiding tube all have the same coefficient in the ruler also produces also some expansion contraction, therefore the ruler's display value is still H.

The value of the foot length below the invasion oil was modified because of the same temperature and oil temperature, only to a foot length of 20 degrees. This value correction is the actual height of the surface.

Technical requirements for measuring oil scale: The tank car uses a dedicated space height of the oil ruler, to the minimum point of 1 mm.

When measuring, put grease on the ruler, and insert the estimated height from the smooth vertical scaling at the same time, the liquid level in the horizontal ruler of the oil equivalent foot and the measuring point at the same period, quickly delete, read high value and record. The appropriate height, in both horizontal grooves, is provided with a nominal length of 5 meters of oil ruler and eats the lump, and the foot, as well as the divided minimum value of 1 mm.

The amount of oil used in the gauge steel has not been twisted folded, and curved, the remaining deformations; the feet and surfaces must be clean, with no visible spots and rust tracks; the edges shall be smooth, without the mouth and barb of the foreground; millimeters, centimeters and decimeter, meters, scales and corresponding figures shall be uniform, and clear, and perpendicular to the edge of the jade-steel band.

The foot lump points out that the section is not damaged, the length of the 5 meter reel volume of the machine is allowed to error the plus or minus 1.3 mm, and has been validated during the period of the duration of the repair table.