The use method of machine range wheel

- Aug 10, 2018-

Tools/Materials Required: Lion machine range wheel 

Use Steps/methods: 

① the range wheel out of the bag. 

② hold the handle in one hand and hold the handle in one hand and unfold it 

③ downward push the branch pipe buckle, lock it to death, prevent bending when used 

④ the zeroing button next to move the value to zero 

⑤ the dimension line pointer of the length measured and the dimension line is perpendicular 

⑥ drive the range wheel and keep the marching line straight 

⑦ to the destination that needs to be measured, still keep the measured dimension line pointer perpendicular to the dimension line 

⑧ reads the values next to the counter and records 

⑨ after use, press the return button to zero the value 

⑩ after use, can move down the base of the range wheel footing 

⑪ will be in the next round to use the range