Composition Of Steel Tape Measuring Parts

- Aug 10, 2018-

The tape is mainly made of the casing, the ruler, the brake, the foot hook, the lifting belt, the ruler spring, and the fall protection.

Sheath and labeling eight components, the specific functions are as follows:

  1, Shell: ABS new plastic, the appearance of shiny texture, resistance to fall, wear-resistant, not easily deformed.

  2, the ruler: uses the thickness to 10 silk (0.10mm) the 50# first grade strip steel, the ruler surface is the most advanced environmental protection paint: tasteless, smooth wear-resistant, brightly colored, the scale clear bright

  3, braking: With the upper, the side, the bottom three-dimensional braking, hand control feel stronger.

  4, foot hook: Rivet foot hook structure, not easy to deformation, to ensure more accurate measurement.

  5, lifting belt: rubber, nylon two, high-grade quality, strong and durable, feel good.

  6, the ruler spring: generally uses 50# carbon steel, 65# manganese material: The toughness is strong, the accuracy is high.

  7, Fall protection cover: high-quality plastic, to prevent broken and collision damage, enhance durability. 

       8, labeling: According to customer requirements of labeling production.