General Situation Analysis Of Hardware Industry

- May 09, 2019-

   Our country gradually becomes the world hardware processing power and the export power, has the broad market and the consumption potential. With the development of social economy, the hardware industry in the new situation will also present a new trend. The following general situation analysis of the hardware industry.


   Analysis of the hardware industry shows that China's larger hardware market is mainly located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong provinces and cities. For example, Zhejiang Yongkang District hardware electromechanical manufacturing enterprise cluster, Shandong Linyi hardware market, Hangzhou new century lock market, Shanghai hardware electromechanical trade city, Chengdu Jinfu hardware electromechanical city,Tianjin Lion Tools & Measuring Tools Co. , Ltd. Guangdong Guangfo hardware electromechanical city.

  At present, China's daily-use hardware products have entered the forefront of the world. According to the research report released by CNRC Puhua, China has successively established 14 technology development centers, such as Zippers, electric shavers, stainless steel utensils, iron pans, blades, bicycle locks, etc. , and pressure cooker, electric shaver, lighter and other 16 product center. At the same time, China has gradually become one of the world's major hardware processing and export countries.

  China's hardware market is changing from supply exceeds demand to supply exceeds demand, forcing market competition from price-oriented to high-quality, high-tech content. In this case, the transformation and upgrading of the future industry development is inevitable. With the competition of related enterprises, the profit space of each stage of hardware industry chain is compressed, and the space of price reduction is decreasing. Industry insiders pointed out that China's hardware industry will usher in a new pattern of foreign trade, the biggest change may be the export of high-tech products will increase. Such as wire rope scissors, wire cutters, saw frame, a series of high-tech and high value-added export products, such as machine repair tools, telecommunication tools, household combined tools, steel tape measure, level meter, etc. . China has become one of the world's largest hardware production countries, with a broad market and consumption potential. At least 70% of China's hardware industry is now privately owned, the main force in the development of China's hardware industry.

    On the other hand, in the international hardware market, the developed countries in Europe and the United States, due to the rapid development of production technology and the rise in labor prices, have shifted the production of universal products from developing countries, producing only high value-added products, the country also has a strong market potential, so more conducive to the development of hardware processing export power. At present, China's tool hardware has begun to break away from the unique characteristics of the traditional hardware form, which has a huge share, and a number of materials and colors, functions and the combination of shape, to develop in the direction of humanization, light, thin, Short, small new hardware products, has become a fashion in the hardware world. Like manual tools, the use of ergonomics, in the design of bold creativity, exquisite materials, to meet the practical basis, more artistic appreciation. After more than a decade of accumulation and steady improvement, China's hardware industry is now the world's largest output of the country, the annual growth in exports. Among them, the largest export amount is tool products. The biggest exporters are the United States, Japan, Europe and South Korea. China's annual export of hardware industry is about 8% at the rate of growth. As China's hardware manufacturing level and capacity expansion, the next few years, China's hardware products will continue to maintain a steady annual growth of more than 10% . That's all there is to know about the hardware industry.