How To Use Cloth Tape (fibre Tape)

- Jan 21, 2021-

Cloth tape measure is mainly used in land measurement, construction, survey, agriculture and forestry, water conservancy, mining, underground and sports and other low precision measurement fields. It is light in weight, easy to use, long in life and cheap in price. This paper introduces the application of male lion XB4 cloth tape measure in PE class.

1. Draw the shot put circle

Fixed a point, stick around one end of the ruler belt, tighten the ruler belt around a circle to draw the need to throw the circle.

2. Draw the distance radian of the shot

One person fixes a point, the other draws an arc with the required spacing, and so on.

3. Draw the starting point of the field competition

Pull out the male lion cloth tape measure, and stretch it horizontally and longitudinally. Use chalk to mark the number of groups you want to draw, and then draw the field event venue along the direction of the tape measure.

Step 4 Measure your height

Pull out a 2-meter long cloth tape and stick it on the wall to measure the students' height one by one.