How To Use The Male Lion Dipstick

- Aug 24, 2019-

1. The product is extracted from the box

2. Turn the oil drop and the ruler into a straight line and turn the handle over

3. Hold the dipstick handle with your left hand and hold the handle with your right hand.

4. Let the oil drop fall freely, because the gravity of the oil can accelerate the falling of the tape, so the hand holding the handle is properly relaxed.

5. Use the crank to control the downward speed of the gravity of the oil drop. When the oil drop touches the bottom of the container, hold the handle on the handle with the left hand and pull it to keep the ruler straight in the solution.

6.After taking out the measurement, shake the ruler to the ruler with a crank handle

7.Observe the color change of the page, observe where the liquid level is, and then read the reading, which will be able to measure the depth of the liquid.

8.After reading the book, slowly move the ruler into the frame, wipe the tape with clean gauze, and put it into the box after finishing.