How To Use The Oil Gauge Properly

- Nov 24, 2020-

  In the process of well depth measurement, oil tank depth measurement such as gas station vessel and other liquid depth measurement, if there is any error in the measurement data, it will cause inestimable loss. Therefore, it is very important to use a good gauge blade.

 1. First of all, according to the actual need to choose a good measuring tape. The male lion measuring tape is complete in structure, the tape is carbon steel and stainless steel, the scale is clearly visible, the precision conforms to the national standard,

  According to the oil quality to choose the appropriate oil pendant, the general is 350g copper oil pendant or 470g stainless steel pendant, oil pendant and blade using universal hook link, free rotation; Handle anti-static design, can also be equipped with anti-static wire.

  2. Keep your feet firmly in place. Hold the ruler handle with one hand, turn the handle with the other, put the blade band into the measuring object, let the blade band fall with the gravity of the oil pendant, slowly turn the handle to reduce shaking, and then lift the blade until you feel the oil pendant touches the bottom of the measuring body.

  3. Keep the readings accurate. The line of sight should be perpendicular to the tape, read millimeter first, read centimeter, decimeter, meter again.

4. Clean the tape. While rotating the handle, wipe the tape with a dry cloth, and put it in a dry and clean packaging box after recycling.