How To Use The Oil Gauging Tape Measure

- Jul 20, 2020-

Take the oil gauging tape measure out of the box

Slide down the hook on the front of the oil gaugaing tape measure to hang the oil drop

Clamp the clip at the top of the electrostatic discharge wire to a grounded iron object

Adjust the oil pendant and the tape to a straight line

Turn the crank handle over, hold the dipstick handle with one hand and the crank handle with the other

Let the oil fall fall freely, because the gravity of the oil fall can accelerate the fall of the blade, so the hand holding the handle should be properly relaxed

Use the rocking handle to control the downward speed of the oil drop by gravity. When the oil drop touches the bottom of the container, hold the handle and extract it upwards to keep the  blade and the oil drop upright in the solution

Read the value of the liquid level at this time

Because the weight of the oil drop will cause the liquid level to rise, after the first measurement, use the rocking handle to swing the blade into the ruler frame, and measure the rising value after the liquid level returns to the original position.

Observe the change of the liquid level, and place the dipstick on the liquid level at this time to measure the rising value and read the reading, which can accomplish the purpose of measuring the liquid depth

After reading the reading, slowly roll the blade into the frame, wipe the tape and the oil drop with a dry cloth, retract the wire, and put it in the packing box for next use after finishing.