How To Verify The Authenticity Of Lion 50m Waterproof Blade?

- Aug 14, 2020-

How to verify the authenticity of male lion 50m waterproof blade?

  Introduction: Many friends bought low-cost male lion 50m nylon waterproof blade on the Internet and found that the nylon film with the blade fell off and rusted after a few days. It is possible that you have bought fake products. You can screen them according to the following methods.

1. Appearance: Identify the  Lion packaging and the appearance of the product.

2. Specifications: The nylon waterproof blade of The Lion N2020 plastic blade has a specification of only 30m and 50m, and all the ones with 100m are fake.

3. Anti-counterfeiting logo: There are anti-counterfeiting trademarks and anti-counterfeiting laser codes on the front of the authentic lion blade frame.

4. BladeRuler band: Nylon coated blade band, resistant to folding and breaking. Ordinary steel tape measures break easily.