Method Of Use Of Oil Gauge (with Wire)

- Aug 10, 2018-

Required Tools/raw materials: Lion oil ruler (with wire), dry cloth.

Use Steps/methods:

① the dipstick out of the box.

② the hook in front of the frame and put the oil pendant on.

③ will release the clamp on the top of the electrostatic conductor onto a grounded iron object.

④ the oil fall and the ruler band into a straight line.

⑤ turns the handle upside down, holding the handle of the oil ruler and holding the handle.

⑥ let the oil fall free to fall, because the oil fall gravity can accelerate the fall of the ruler, so hold the handle of the hand to relax properly.

⑦ uses the handle to control the gravitational downward velocity of the oil fall, and when the oil fall touches the bottom of the container, the handle is pulled up to extract the ruler in the solution to maintain the straightening state.

⑧ read the value of the liquid and record.

⑨ because the weight of the oil will increase the level of the liquid surface, so the first measurement is completed with the handle will be used to roll the ruler to the frame, to the liquid surface back to the original position and then measure the rising value.

⑩ to observe the change of the liquid level, where the liquid level is then put down the oil ruler to measure the rising value and read the readings, which can be done to measure the depth of the liquid. ⑪ reading reading will be the ruler of the slow rolling footage of the frame, with a dry cloth to wipe the ruler belt and oil pendant, the recovery of the wire, after finishing put into the box in order to use next time.