Method Of Use Of Rack-type Steel Tape

- Aug 10, 2018-

1. Take the tape measure out of the box

2. Flip the handle, hold the handle in hand, and hold the handle

3. Pull out the ruler belt, pay attention to the uniform pull out

4. The ruler belt pulls down the appropriate length to straighten the ruler, and reads the value of the measuring object

5. After reading, shake handle uniform recovery ruler belt

6. Clean the ruler belt with dry cloth while recovering the ruler belt

7. After wiping, put the product back in the box so that it can be used next time

※ Attention matters

◇ Pull out the ruler belt should not be too quick to pull out, to the uniform pull out

◇ To measure away from the object with a dot

◇ Do not measure high temperature objects Wipe the ruler with a dry cloth after the measurement is finished