The Method Of Using Automatic Rewinding Tape

- Aug 10, 2018-

Required Tools/raw materials: Lion automatic rewinding tape, dry cloth

Use Steps/methods:

① The small tape measure out of the box .

② with a small tape and pulled the ruler out at a uniform speed. 

③ the strap to the desired length, press the LOCK key to prevent automatic recovery of the ruler belt. 

④ reading needs to measure the value of an object. 

⑤ read the numerical records, release the lock key recovery ruler belt, and dry cloth to wipe the recovery of the ruler belt and products. 

⑥ note in the recovery of the ruler belt with a dry cloth intermittent hold the ruler belt slowly put back, to prevent the ruler with too fast recovery injury hand After wiping .

⑦, put the tape measure back in the box so that you can use it next time.