The Use Of MC Nylon

- Aug 10, 2018-

Mold Nylon is a widely used in engineering plastics, especially in mechanical aspects as wear-resistant materials to replace non-ferrous metals copper and alloy has played an obvious effect. A 400 kg heavy cast nylon product, its practice volume is equivalent to 2.7 tons of steel or 3 tons of heavy bronze. Adopt the wear-resisting parts of the mold nylon to replace the original copper parts, not only improve the mechanical efficiency, reduce the smooth maintenance, and the usual use of the lifespan also extended three times times.

Therefore, now mold nylon data cost Quotation is low, in the price and non-ferrous metals than several times cheaper. In the production can be from 0.2 to hundreds of kg can be cast molding.

Because injection molding equipment and mold cost valuable, the use of mold nylon is the development of new Engineering Plastics this year, it has more than the conventional polyamide (nylon) More advantages:

1. mechanical strength, high tolerance, good wear resistance, high melting point, mud oil, corrosion resistance and water resistance.

2. The scale stability is good, has the characteristic which the oneself is smooth, the size scale is unrestricted.

3. The cost is low, the length of a long, the cost is only non-ferrous metal 50%-70%, the length of time is usually 2-3 times longer than the metal. MC Nylon is used in a wide range of applications, such as turbines, gears, wire rods, slide guides, etc. on the machine. Heavy machinery such as mining machine, crusher on the sleeve, chemical machinery on the connecting rod, bushings, Shaw, hydraulic machinery on the impeller. Cooling tower of the water, transport vehicles on the piston rod, the pressure machine bee washers, fuel tank, sealing ring and instrumentation industry, to prevent mechanical grooves and so on. Whether it is used as transmission parts, force parts, grinding parts, compression parts, decoration parts or operating parts are praised by the operator.