VS16 Stainless Steel Laser Engraving Small Tape Measure

- Dec 02, 2020-

  VS16 stainless steel laser engraving small tape measure, TPR soft plastic with ABS engineering plastic, not only the appearance of the atmosphere, but also improve the anti-fall. Clear handwriting, no scratch, no fading, shockproof, high precision, high stiffness, high abrasion resistance, with double scale. High elastic buckle, with special fastening design at the buckle, makes the steel tape measure hanging to the waist without turning in circles, not easy to fall off, and more stable and firm. Anti-slip button, positioning brake, pull out the ruler band and push down the brake can lock the blade band for a long time, which is more convenient to improve work efficiency during measurement. High power laser engraving, no dropping, high performance ruler band, 65 manganese steel spring, good toughness and not easy to break, the whole heat treatment. Side long - acting brake lock button design, sliding down after the permanent fixation of the ruler belt. Comfortable lifting rope, good elasticity, easy to carry and deformation. The scale surface is clear and accurate. High quality carbon steel, strong toughness, bending tape, not easy to break.

The ruler claw shock absorber reduces the recovery impact of the ruler belt and effectively protects the blade claw.

Precision forging, ruler surface clear, bright color. Fine craftsmanship for industrial quality.