What Are The Technical Requirements For The Measuring Tape?

- Aug 18, 2020-

Usually, the measuring tape bought by gas stations and shipping companies should be accurate, otherwise it will cause incalculable losses. Therefore, there are certain technical requirements for measuring tape, and domestic male measuring tape can reach this standard.

1. The surface of the measuring tape should be clean and free from rust, spots and bending; The edge of the tape should be smooth and neat.

2. The scale line on the ruler must be uniform, clearly visible and perpendicular to the edge of the steel belt.

3. The measuring tape must be equipped with oil pendant to ensure that it can sink into the measured liquid. The oil pendant is made of brass or stainless steel.

4. Ruler tape is generally divided into stainless steel blade tape and carbon steel blade tape. The production of oil tape must be quenched before it has a certain hardness and will not break.

5. The appearance of the measuring stick shall conform to the ergonomic design. The handle of the male lion measuring stick shall be anti-static, and the blade frame shall be strong and durable, which conforms to the usage habits of most customers.

7. The accuracy of the measuring stick should meet the national standard, which can be verified in the local metrology institute, and the verification certificate shall be issued.