Nylon Coated Tape Measure

N2030 nylon coated measure tape specifications are 30m, 50m and 100m;tape measure waterproof rust more wear - resistant, can be in water, rain or sand and other environmental assured use. Three times quick winding, saving time and labor, greatly improving work efficiency;Appearance has patent protection, please recognize the lion genuine. ​​​​
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Product Details

Products made of ABS plastic and aluminum,Improve the impact resistance of the product, and the style is novel.

Suitable for a variety of engineering surveying and mapping environments.

The shake handle part of this product can let the tape measure to retract the tape measure at three times the speed,have patented protection.

Nylon coating on the surface of the blade,Improve the waterproof, rust-proof and anti-abrasion ability of the blade.

With a new ABS plastic rubber design at the handle.

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